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Lumatek 1000 watt DE Dimmable & Controllable Light Kit postage at cost


Lumatek 1000 watt DE Dimmable & Controllable Light Kit

 Kit 1 = $750 Includes:

 1 x 1000W DE Controllable & Dimmable Ballast

1 x 1000W Phillips DE Lamp

1 x Tekken DE Pro Reflector

Lumatek 1000 watt 400V Controllable & Dimmable Ballast

 This is our most powerful intelligent 1000W ballast which integrates the proven and reliable Lumatek technology and with an addition of Control capability. The LUMATEK Pro 1000W 400v Controllable has been developed to connect to 240V power supply and light 600/750/1000W 400V HPS grow lamps.

 400V grow lighting is now standard in professional horticulture because of the extra PAR/PFF (grow light) produced with greater efficiency and lower energy costs. Improved PAR Light ensures a constant and uniform plant growth.

 Developed to meet professional standards & main requirements of the grower

Additional PAR/PFF – up to 10% more grow light

More light = more yield/revenue

Improved PAR Light Output maintenance

Highest System Efficiency

High reliability

low energy costs

Affordable price – little more than standard 240V equipment

Connect to 240V power supply and light 400V Double Ended horticultural grow lights

Lumatek use the latest electronic components to improve performance & efficiency to reduce the cost of high-end professional equipment for the end user.

 Lumatek Pro ballasts are tested and compatible with 400V DE HPS lamps from all leading manufacturers including Phillips. Comparison testing has demonstrated up to 10% more PAR/PFF than standard horticultural lamps with improved PAR light maintenance levels.

 Lumatek have a proven reputation for reliability and performance. The Pro 400V series provide affordable professional grow lighting solutions to the indoor grow market.

 The new addition of Control capability allows you to easily monitor and regulate your grow room environment (Lighting timming, sunrise/sunset, digital 1% dimming, etc). By simply connecting the Lumatek Digital Panel (sold separately) into the TRS “Link” port on your controllable ballast.


 Size L x W x H(mm): 318 x 166 x 96

Weight (Kg): 4.9

Case: Graduated Fin Aluminium

Dimming (W): 600W – 750W – 1000W – Super Lumens (115%)

Mains Supply Voltage: 240V 50Hz

Input Input Current Max (A): 5.1

Input Power (W): 1200

Output Power (W): 1150

Operating Frequency (KHz): 125

Power Factor: 0.99

THD(%): <10

Efficiency(%): 96

Mains Voltage Range(V): 175 – 275

Lamp: 600W, 750W, 1000W HPS

Full circuit protection; open/short, over temperature, over/low voltage, end of lamp life/rectification

EMI suppression certified

Tekken Pro DE Reflector

Designed for use with industry leading 1000W400V DE grow lamps with highest PAR micromol rating

Available in 95% reflective Miro or Hammertone Aluminium

Vented for heat dissipation

Flat packed with easy assembly instructions

Rated for lamps up to 1000W

Available separately or as 1000W400V lighting kit

More light = more yield!

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